Living the Love Chapter on a One-way Street

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From 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 NIV

When Christian love is freely flowing between believers, it’s like a heavenly expressway. In contrast, there are multitudes of people outside of your Christian family who will make your efforts to express Christ’s love feel like a one-way street with a dead end. Giving agape love to someone else without receiving any in return is one of the true challenges and tests of our faith. What does it look like to give the love of Jesus to the unlovable?

LOVE IS PATIENT: When a loved one does something that simply drives you nuts, take a deep breath and ask the Lord to help you to be resilient through the agitation.

LOVE IS KIND: Instead of blowing up, stomping out, or completely cutting off communication, offer a kind word or do something to help that person.

IT DOES NOT ENVY: There’s plenty of room in God’s Kingdom for success. Our Heavenly Father is the author of success! Be glad for those who are experiencing great blessings and remember that no one is exempt from difficulties. Great gifts mean great responsibilities; greater gifts, greater responsibilities! Luke 12:48 MSG

IT DOES NOT BOAST, IT IS NOT PROUD, IT IS NOT RUDE, IT IS NOT SELF-SEEKING: Being indifferent to other’s needs and feelings is a direct result of being self-centered instead of Christ-centered. Boast of His goodness, be proud that He has called you to follow Him without alienating others, and remember to give Him all the glory.

IT IS NOT EASILY ANGERED: Angered? Yes, but not easily. Stay in God’s “handbook” for daily instructions on how to demonstrate the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Galatians 5

IT KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONG: …so ask the Holy Spirit to help you stop playing back the past-hurt recordings that have accumulated in your memory bank. Run to His Holy Word for relief!

LOVE DOES NOT DELIGHT IN EVIL BUT REJOICES IN TRUTH: When temptation rears its ugly head, return to your first love; remember Jesus, the Truth. John 14:6

IT ALWAYS PROTECTS: Even if you’re tempted to hurt someone, don’t.

ALWAYS TRUSTS: Aren’t you glad that God sees the whole picture and that each of our complicated circumstances are in His awesome hands.

ALWAYS HOPES: …so don’t give up.

ALWAYS PERSEVERES: …through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can.

LOVE NEVER FAILS: Jesus never fails.

God bless you as you persevere and share His love with others.

In Christ always,


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