Giving Wings to His Word Words set to mu

Giving Wings to His Word

Words set to music have influence. Add the power of the Holy Spirit and lives are

At an inner-city Thanksgiving Day outreach, the first course on the menu was gospel
music. People gathered from the surrounding streets as my fellow musicians and I sang
and played worship songs in the park. Some listeners stood on the perimeter while others sat down on the cold concrete directly in front of the platform to check out the musicians and be entertained. After a warm Thanksgiving feast and stirring invitation, many decided to receive Christ and were baptized in a nearby fountain.

During another Christian outreach for singles, I finished my concert and was approached by a young man. This first-time visitor told me he had felt very depressed over marital problems and was on his way to a bar. He said that while driving with the windows rolled down, he heard music and turned into the church parking lot. As this man walked into the crowded sanctuary, God stirred his heart through the songs. When others walked forward during the altar call, he joined them to become a follower of Christ. God used a song to touch another person’s heart in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was singing on a live Christian television show in Burlington, Ontario, while a viewer watched the program 2,500 miles away. During my solo, the viewer called the prayer line and shared that she was at her lowest point. She felt the only way out was to end her life. The prayer partner replied, “Are you listening to the music? Just listen.”
Just then, I sang the line from the beautiful song: “Life is worth the living just because He lives.”

At the song’s end, the dedicated prayer warrior was able to lead the brokenhearted
woman to a place of repentance and deliverance. Once more, God’s Word was
understood and another heart was transformed.

Followers of Jesus Christ aren’t dependent upon audible words for guidance and comfort. Since they have a personal and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, He speaks through an inaudible inner voice. While growing up, I remember hearing an inward voice saying to me, “Carole, turn around and pay attention. I’m your Lord. I’m here and I love you.” With no knowledge of the Source of those gentle encounters, I brushed them off.

As a voice major in college, I knew about music but didn’t know the Author of it. At each
frail attempt to sing for others, I was certain my heart had been transplanted from my
chest to my throat. After each frustrating voice lesson, I left confused and in tears, ready
to quit. Low self-esteem had stifled my ability to release joy and be an effective communicator.

God knew my struggle and I feel sure He placed me in the constant company of some
other music majors who were His singers. I saw them perform the required operatic arias, huffing and puffing with great energy to produce demanding Italian phrases. At other times, I saw them sing with relaxed beaming faces as they worshiped God.
Within a few short months, their conviction had influenced me to receive Christ as my
Savior and seat Him on the throne of my heart. When I stopped thinking of myself, my
songs were empowered by the Holy Spirit and my joy was multiplied beyond measure.
This ordinary, on-the-brink-of-quitting singer has been given the gift to sing in an
extraordinary way.

Recently I heard the comment, “I don’t know anything about music but I like it.” Just
think of the enormous impact and influence of songs throughout the world. Every culture
has singing. The art form is universal. Fans pay exorbitant ticket prices to attend concerts featuring their favorite singers. Music is like a breeze on which God’s truth can soar! In settings where the simple spoken word would not have grabbed the listener’s attention, the Giver of Life uses song to pierce hardened hearts.

In the Old Testament psalm, King David voiced his thanks for a new song and expressed confidence in the listener’s response: “He put a new song in…

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