God Sees the Heart!

July 27, 2017 at 11:02 am | Posted in Christian Women | Leave a comment
Hi Friends!
I couldn’t resist putting this adorable pic in blog!Aquilla

I met Aquilla the Porcupine in a wildlife preserve on my recent trip to Alaska.  She’s doing just fine, wouldn’t you say?  (getting lots of delicious greens from the tourists)
I found that when petting Aquilla with a gentle downward stroke on her back, she’s actually quite soft.

What are you looking like these summer days?  I’m laughing because currently, my hair is full of chlorine from swimming, my nails are very short from gardening, and…I’ve been cleaning out my garage.   No pics of me on this newsletter!!!…. except for the one below, not taken in my garage!

I love that God sees beyond our messiness and our spiky quills when riled up.   I’m grateful that our He is consistent and not two-sided. God doesn’t have off days.   His beauty and His glory are unchanging and forever.

Psalm 119:2 tells us “Happy are those who keep His decrees and seek Him with all their heart”

My prayer for all of us is that no matter how rough or unfinished we are on the exterior, our hearts continue to beat at a steady pace following after the heart of Jesus.   He is the Author and Finisher of our faith!

Many blessings to you and enjoy every summer day He gives us!

In Christ always,                                    

‘For in him we live and move
and have our being.’  Acts 17:28

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