Paddle Forward

Hi Friends!

Blessings to you these last few days of summer!  For many parts of the country, it’s not summer at all.  Please keep all those living in the path of hurricane Florence in prayer. 

I’m so grateful that my six-week devotional Revitalize is now available and pray that many will be greatly blessed as they go through it!   

Here’s an excerpt to bless your day! 

WEEK 1, DAY 1  

Paddle Forward 

I’ve always loved rides that inspire me to sound off with a loud “Whee!” or “Yee-haw!” While visiting the Canadian Rockies, my husband and I decided to try a white-water raft trip.

After wriggling into wet suits, rubber booties, and life jackets, we received a crash course in dry dock on rowing etiquette.

Paddle forward

Paddle backward


Paddles up


Those commands seemed easy enough to follow.

Our group of seven gripped the side-ropes of our raft and lugged it downhill to the river’s edge-a pebbly beach just around the bend from the bottom of the magnificent, roaring Athabasca Falls!

Quickly choosing our seats, we braced ourselves while our guide at the back calmly said, “Ready? Paddle forward.”

Raft trip on the Athabasca River

Find out what happens next! LOOK INSIDE my Revitalize sample pages and find the entire article plus more!

Many blessings to you for beautiful Fall days ahead!

In Christ always,


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