Clothed in God’s Love

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Hi Friends!

I had the great blessing of speaking last weekend for a group of ladies in the Lodi,
CA area. The topic they requested was “Clothed in God’s Love”.

Aren’t you grateful that our God gives us actual spiritual garments that we can
dress ourselves in? His divine accessories are not only for praise but for battle!

If you’re personally not in some sort of spiritual battle right now, prepare because
sooner or later you will be. When we belong to the Lord and are sharing the Good
News with others, the enemy will do what he can to disrupt our lives and our joy.

Here are some of the wardrobe staples from Ephesians Six that really do make us
look much better when we put them on!

Creator Collection Accessories







For certain, we need to be “fat” in the word. If we aren’t, the belt of truth will end up around our ankles!

More than ever, let’s READ, CONSIDER, AND LIVE IT OUT!
Jesus is our living hope!

God bless you with a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In Christ always,

I delight - Isaiah 61

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