God’s Love Reaching Straight To Us

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Hi Again and Happy Summer!

For many, it’s vacation time!  Will you be traveling?

One of my great vacation memories happened on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera when my husband and I had the most surprising and astounding experience!

While at sea, I awakened around 3 am and walked onto the balcony to view the stars.  I saw a gorgeous glittery sky and the great expanse of a misty Milky Way. Then, my eyes beheld a once-in-a lifetime exhibition of God’s glory through His creation!

Appearing low in the sky and just above the horizon, I saw a tiny red-hot, brilliant glowing dot.  Mars, the red planet!  How beautiful!   While star-gazing, my eye suddenly caught a faint streak of light across the dark waters below. I blinked and blinked again wondering if my sleepy eyes were imagining the tiny luminous rust-colored ribbon.

I rushed back into our cabin, grabbed my binoculars, and made my husband get up to go outside with me! You can imagine how thrilled he was about that!

Within a few minutes, we both stepped onto the deck and I raised my binoculars to view a beautiful amber stream of light rippling on the black water. My husband confirmed what we were both seeing.  A Marsbeam was reaching straight to us.

Too dark for my camera to capture, here is my drawing of what we saw.  

Marsbeam-web postThat awesome experience has reminded me that God reveals His presence in life’s darkest places. The Book of Genesis gives us a picture earth’s beginning with God’s Spirit right there, hovering, breathing over the dark waters.  His same Spirit is with us today to illuminate our path, protect us, and empower us.

God’s comfort and peace is available to everyone. Simple reasoning tells us that because of Jesus Christ’s incredible love and sacrifice for each one of us, His heart’s desire is to be our closest and most intimate friend.  Picture our best friend, Jesus, treasuring every one of our tears and unconditionally loving us beyond measure.

The Bible verse 1 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all of your anxiety on Him because He cares for you”. Each of us can benefit greatly by embracing this truth and speaking it aloud. It is a resource to be treasured in times of trouble.

No place is too dark for God’s piercing light.  When faced with an exhausting and numbing situation, picture Him; Jehovah Shalom, our peace.   God reveals His presence to us through His holy word, the warm touch of His Holy Spirit, and even through a Marsbeam gently dancing on the calm night sea.

Pray With Me:   Father God, we thank You and praise You for divine moments in our lives that remind us of Your magnificence, Your power, and Your never-changing love for us. Keep our hearts open and ready for the next transforming moments in our lives that draw us closer to You.   Amen.

Whether vacation or stay-cation, may God richly bless your Summer days ahead!

In Christ always, 


2 Cor. 10:31 


My “Ah Ha” Moments!

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Dear Friends,

I’m so blessed to share a new interview with you!  You’ll have a chance to get to know my heart for ministry and learn more about my writing and speaking!

Thanks for taking time to watch!

My “Ah Ha” Moments with Marnie Swedberg are my reflections of some of the key passages from my new devotional Revitalize  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Sxpztdaw5w&list=PLDzbzZXxUyTcT6mbssZL0tqDlhox-LZMH&index=20&t=0s

Many blessings to you as we begin summer!

In Christ always,



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