A Devotion to “Revitalize” Your Day

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Dear Friends,

My thoughts for July are from Week 2, Day 3 of “Revitalize”, my six-week devotional.  I hope you’re blessed as I share a message from my heart to yours!

In Christ always,


Growth on Hold

Have you ever been to The Butchart Gardens? It’s over 100 years old, is located on Vancouver Island in British Colombia, and is one of Canada’s historical treasures.

Butchart Sunken Garden through an open windowWhen my husband and I visited there, our eyes beheld one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. It was especially breathtaking to behold the centerpiece of the estate; the gorgeous Sunken Garden. “This is what heaven must look like,” my husband remarked. And when I thought even more about the garden’s heavenly appearance, I thought it could also be a picture of our lives.

You may be thinking, “That’s a very nice thought Carole, but let’s get REAL! That garden sounds like a unique, tranquil, well-groomed repose. My life is anything but that; more like a weed patch! I’m just hanging on, trying to survive every day, and it’s hard to see any flowers blooming in my life right now.” Okay, I hear you so let me further explain.

Before the Sunken Garden  was a beautiful oasis of color with thriving plants, flowers, and trees, it was a parched, barren rock quarry. Perhaps that’s how you picture your life now; being exhausted and parched from long-suffering.

Mrs. Butchart’s solution for change over a century ago, was to order a huge shipment of rich topsoil for that barren place. Then, the soil was cultivated; broken down into fine soft pieces so it could receive and nourish new plant roots. With plenty of sunshine and water, the environment was perfect for growth. (Mark 4:3-9)

Life is hard, but the trials we face are like cultivators for the heart; a way God can break down our pride and hurts into fine soft pieces of humility and surrender. On our journey, many faith entanglers will continue to intersect our path putting our spiritual growth on hold. With God’s help, our cultivated hearts will overcome, grow stronger, and be pliable to let the truth of His Word take even better root than before. All the victory will be His, and our life will be more beautiful to behold.

Cultivate - Grow pic

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