Shopping for a Bargain

Hi Friends!

Since Spring will be official next week, it’s time to think about shopping!  Yes, I do have a keynote about shopping and I do relate it to our spiritual life through God’s word and music too!  See below and… Be blessed and encouraged today!   

In Christ always,

Carole     ( 1 Cor. 10:31 )


PART 5 – SHOPPING FOR A BARGAIN Keynote Series graphic FINAL


There are earthly deals and then, there heavenly deals!  

Now, I do admit that when I find just the right item for a super low price, I feel simply victorious!  Don’t you?   Shopping for a bargain can be so much fun!

One day, while walking through a shopping mall, I remembered that in my pre-Christian days, I’d been looking (shopping) for something spiritual to believe in.  There are certainly multitudes of religions and philosophies to consider and I, for a sense of security, wanted to latch onto one of them.  So, in remembering my past confusion and present glorious resolve, I wrote a song based on the Bible verse, Ephesians 2:8-9.  I always have fun singing it so…

Take a listen! 

In one section of my Shopping for a Bargain keynote, I’ll ask you to consider the spiritual garments that God provides for our protection and security as we face so many earthly battles.  When you read Ephesians, Chapter Six, Verses 14-18, you’ll find the list of wardrobe pieces that we shoppers might refer to as THE CREATOR COLLECTION!

Creator CollectionBELT OF TRUTH: You’ll want to be hefty in the Word or your Belt of Truth will end up around your ankles!

BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS: The emotion guard that protects your heart.

FEET FITTED FOR PEACE: Let God guide your footsteps to protect your soles and your souls!

HELMET OF SALVATION: Keep your spiritual hat on so your mind will stay focused on God’s Truth!

SWORD OF THE SPIRIT: God’s word cuts away confusion, guilt, and shame.

GARMENTS OF PRAYER: The most beautiful robe we can ever put on!

I also love this scripture from the Prophet Isaiah.  I set this one to music too!

Sing with me!

Arrayed me in a robe of righteousness








TAKE TIME TO CONSIDER    Bargain of a Lifetime

  1. Have you been “shopping” for something or someone to believe in?   If so, believe in Jesus, God’s only Son.  He alone has already redeemed you through His sacrifice on the cross.  His love for you is unconditional and a completely free gift.
  2. Which garments from THE CREATOR COLLECTION (Ephesians, Chapter Six) do you need to put on today and why?




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