Jesus, the bread of life

Advent Blessings to All My PRAISE NOTES Friends! As we prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, let’s consider the significance of his humble birth and the place where He was born. The name Bethlehem (in Hebrew Bet lehem) means House of Bread. I hope you’re encouraged as you take time to savor these truths about ‘bread’ from God’s word. May God bless you abundantly this last month of 2022! In Christ always,   Carole    1 Cor. 10:31   
Jesus, the Bread of Life     It’s been two decades since I visited the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Israel. Even so, I vividly remember the experience of a lifetime! Among the many circumstances surrounding Jesus’ miracle birth, one detail that isn’t commonly discussed is the name of the town.  Bet (house) and lehem (of bread) are significant details in God’s perfect plan for our redemption. So, what about bread?Bread is the “staff of life” and a fundamental food in all cultures. It’s fills us up and sustains us with carbohydrates for energy and vitamin B for a healthy central nervous system. Can you think of anything more satisfying than a piece of fresh baked bread right out of the oven?  Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread”  (Luke 11:13)  During the Last Supper, (Luke 19:22), Jesus held a piece of bread saying,“This is my body, given for you.”   In the days Jesus taught around the region of Galilee, He referred to Himself as ‘the bread of life’ and said that when we come to Him, we will never go hungry. (John 6:35) 

Hungry for what? Are you… –losing sleep?–feeling lonely?–grieving over the loss of a loved one?–dealing with stress over finances?–greatly distressed over the news?–fearful for COVID, new variants, and flu? Jesus, the Bread of Life, is with us to satisfy our “hunger” during this Advent Season. Born in a humble limestone cavern, His immeasurable love gives us the courage and confidence we need to navigate through these incredibly difficult times.
As we prepare for Christmas, let’s ask God for renewed peace, joy, and love.Rejoice!Jesus is the BREAD of Life.He is the reason we can Believe God’s love, Remember God’s love, Exalt God’s love, Anticipate God’s love, and Demonstrate God’s love to others.
Morning Star header Now, take time for a song!Listen as Carole singsMorning Star
Written & Performed by Carole Brewer from her Everything Began With You album.

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